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Post  Vision on Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:56 pm

Role-play to define good:

A loaf of bread is stolen, a man has stolen this bread to feed his family. this
is the way the different "good" religions will act.

Chaotic good: the bread was stolen for a greater cause, the man, although he
has committed theft, was attempting to feed his family, therefore this theft
can be overlooked. These good people try to rehabilitate evil.

Neutral good: what the man has done was quite honorable, however theft was the
wrong way to go about this. He should have attempted another method of feeding
his family. Theft is dishonorable. These people seek honor and would only kill
evil in a crusade, or to defend honor.

Lawful good: what the man did was wrong. Period. And he shall be punished.
These good people are "holy crusaders" they seek out evil and attempt to
extinguish it.

Role-play to define evil:

A small child is here, she is the daughter of a influential towns person.

Chaotic evil: kill kill kill. this pure innocent child makes me ill, she must
be disposed of to bring wrath to the town. A chaotic evil person will not care
about being caught, however he might try to hide his actions. He would
probably defile the body, and make a horrific scene. He would be visibly
insane. His desire to spill blood would be infinite.

Neutral evil: I should kidnap her and hold her for ransom and then kill her
anyway..heh heh. This character would attempt to hide her actions, however
she would go for the greater evil. This character however, would definitely
share her exploits with other members of her religion, and probably gloat
over it.

Lawful evil: the daughter of a town person would give me great leverage if i
kidnapped her and held her for ransom. This evil person looks to see how
this opportunity would benefit him. He would not be noticeably evil, and
would want to keep his evil deeds secret so as not to be caught.


In a conversation between the chaotic and neutral religions the question was
asked what defines good or evil:

These were their answers:

Lawful neutral: prefer to stay out of the war between good and evil, however
they tend to drive toward goodness.

True neutral: seekers of balance. They know that in order for good to exist,
evil must also exist.

Chaotic neutral: does not give a damn. Stays out of it. Draft dodgers.

Chaotic: believe that in order to exist, chaos must exist. Highly intelligent
individuals who tend to carry on as if they know something they just aren't
telling. Good and evil exist as elements of chaos. In order for existence,
good and evil must both exist. Nothing is unpredictable.

Order: think that chaos will be the destruction of mankind


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