Rules to Abide By

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Rules to Abide By

Post  Vision on Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:04 pm

These are the rules of ROD. For other matters, use commom sense.
* No player stealing or player killing. Period.

* foul language will not be tolerated from anyone (including
gods) Punishments range from deletion to NOCHANNELing.

* sexual harassment of any form will not be tolerated, punishable by deletion
or site bans.

* your presence here is a privilege not a right <--- please note this!

* no multiple logins, multiple playing, or helping your own characters with
other characters you own -- by any arrangment. You may have multile
characters, but if both are on at the same time, they may both be deleted.
Tintin, etc. robots will not be tolerated. Your character will be
disconnected and/or deleted.

* no kill stealing. This means you cannot attack a mob someone else is
fighting, unless they ask you to. Also avoid attacking fleeing mobs. We
realize that accidents do happen, but multiple "accidents" are suspicious.

* cheating will not be tolerated. This includes accepting favors from gods
and exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, report it, then do not use it.


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