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Welcome to RoD:AND! Empty Welcome to RoD:AND!

Post  Vision on Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:04 am

About RoD:AND
CoffeeMUD is a cutting-edge technology in the MUD community, so to speak. You will notice it does quite a few things differently than the ROM/Ember/Diku derivatives out there, which is what the original version of RoD was based upon. Many of them should be pleasant surprises, but feel free to complain about ANYTHING that doesn't work as you expect it and we WILL consider 'fixing' it.

Sorry, but we haven't gotten to the web site yet. There's far too much to do! We'll be updating this list as we code in the things that RoD had. However, short of power outages and other technical problems, Realms of Discordia: A New Dawn will be available and open to players. If you know Flash and would like to help with the web site, please PM myself or Vale through this message board.

RoD Features Implemented
  • OSAY
  • Races (ish, more changes to come)
  • Classes (ish, more changes to come)
  • Color Scheme (ish, more changes to come)
  • Areas - once the importer works right.
  • Sharpen (11.22.09)

CoffeeMUD Features new to RoD
  • More sector types. This impacts builders more than players, but you will notice them regardless.
  • Easier scripting capabilities - mobs that you didn't have scripts will be scripted at staff discretion.
  • Quest system [There are plans to tweak this].
  • Vehicles - Carts, Boats, etc.
  • Extensive Crafting.
  • Better Law AI. [This may be tweaked to be more old style].
  • Over 300 NPC races. This matters because of the crafting.
  • Extensive material lists. This matters because of the crafting.
  • No auto-disconnect. [This may be changed if abused.]
  • More skills & spells for objects.
  • Inherent mobile behaviors. Some of them will even talk to you.
  • Limb losses that can only be restored by someone with the Restoration prayer.
  • Prayers for healing types, spells for casting types, chants for druid types.

Other Notes:
Until stasis is achieved, do NOT ask for new code to be implemented. Until further notice, we are in ALPHA PHASE. If you have an idea, go ahead and use the IDEA command in game to submit it. It will then be considered by the staff and implemented/rejected as they see fit. Do not whine if we have to pwipe, we haven't even switched to our final database choice yet so you can be guaranteed there will be at least one.

You will not be banned unless you are doing something very stupid and counterproductive to the RoD community. I.E. cheating/abusing the system. You will never be banned for an emotional reason. You will never be banned for speaking the truth and saying it as it is.

And, finally, we do not currently expect to have a Gods system available for at least several months, so don't ask us. We just don't care, we have too much coding to do.


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